Steps Coalition

Cherokee Concerned Citizens

Steps Coalition is part of a regional Gulf wide coalition working together to build the capacity of environmental justice leadership in frontline communities impacted by oil-chemical air pollution.  The Cherokee Concerned Citizens, was designed by ALERT Project in partnership with frontline communities.  Residents of Cherokee subdivision in Pascagoula are the first on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to participate in the program.

Citizens are taking matters into their own hands to protect their health

In 2014, Steps Coalition was invited by local residents in Pascagoula to help them organize a campaign to protect public health and their local environment from nearby industrial pollution. With the support of the Steps Coalition, the residents organized and formed a neighborhood group, Cherokee Concerned Citizens (CCC).  Since forming, the CCC have met with MDEQ, city and county officials, the EPA, and the Mississippi Department of Health making their case about their environmental and public health concerns.  Recently Steps Coalition partnered with Community Science Institute to train the CCC to take their own air samples.  This data and other information they have collected will be used to document and understand the impacts of the industrial pollution and to advance their advocacy campaign to reduce their exposure to industrial pollution and relocate residents.


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