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Since 2010, as a result of the BP Oil Drilling Disaster, and subsequent closed fisheries and reduced catches/harvest, Vietnamese-American fisher folks, families and children, and other multi-ethnic fishing communities, whose livelihood are critically dependent on a healthy ecosystem, habitats and fisheries, suffered financial hardship, economic insecurity, and have great livelihood sustainability concerns.

Our project goal is to continue efforts to increase racial equity (dismantling and decreasing) systemic, structural barriers in coastal Mississippi & Louisiana; specifically, within Coastal Restoration processes, policies, and projects,





The Gulf Coast Regional Collaborative (GCRC) consists of the following organizations:

  1. Steps Coalition
  2. Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ)
  3. Hijra House (HH)
  4. Mississippi Coalition for Vietnamese American Fisher Folk and Families (MSVAFF)
  5. Boat People SOS (BPSOS) and
  6. Mary Queen of Vietnam CDC (MQVN CDC).

Here is a list of strategies we will implement to achieve our goal:

Title V Compliance Activities

  1. Reach out to targeted communities about Title VI
  2. Conduct Title VI analysis
  3. Evaluate state agencies’ Title VI compliance plans
  4. Determine procedure for legal challenge of restoration projects Develop assessment tool/report card for proposed recovery projects
  5. Develop assessment tool/report card for proposed recovery projects

Community Organizing Activities

  1. Educate, make aware, and mobilize Vietnamese and African American communities about coastal restoration
  2. Organize fisher folk around NRDA, RESTORE Act, and NFWF processes and projects

Economic & Workforce Development

  1. Community stakeholder outreach in economic and workforce development process to assess needs and concerns
  2. Develop a structure and process for community stakeholder and leader engagement in economic and workforce development


Get Involved

If you live in one of the three Coastal Counties of MS or NOLA, and would like to get involved, please check our website for updates on community meetings, focus groups and trainings. You can also contact Aida Bone at to find out more about our collaborative.



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