Steps Coalition



        Since 2010, as a result of the BP Oil Drilling Disaster, and subsequent closed fisheries and reduced catches/harvest, Vietnamese-American fisher folks, families and children, and other multi-ethnic fishing communities, whose livelihood are critically dependent on a healthy ecosystem, habitats and fisheries, suffered financial hardship, economic insecurity, and have great livelihood sustainability…

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Gulf Recovery and Sustainability Initiative

The Steps Coalition formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and has since been involved in grass roots community and regional efforts to rebuild a healthy, sustainable, and equitable Gulf Coast.  Since the BP Oil Spill Disaster in 2005, Steps has joined local and regional efforts to not only address equity in recovery but also…

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East Biloxi Community Collaborative

The East Biloxi Community Collaborative (EBCC) is the first effort to align East Biloxi’s community service and advocacy organizations around a set of common goals. The Mission of the East Biloxi Community Collaborative is to create a healthy, vibrant and sustainable East Biloxi for all children and families by working together to develop a better place to…

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