Gulf Communities Join the Global Actions to Break Free from Fossil Fuels

greenpeace_fb_breakfree_dc_cj1b-400x300.pngMay 4th marked the first day of a two week series of global mass actions to keep oil, coal, and gas in the ground and accelerate the transition to clean energy economy.  With the threat of truly catastrophic climate crisis looming, across the globe, communities on the front lines of climate change and the fenceline of fossil fuel industries are standing together and calling on world leaders to live up to their promises made in Paris last year to stop global temperature from rising above 2 degrees. 

Steps Coalition is thrilled to be part of this momentous effort to protect our communities and future on this planet.  As part of a Gulf delegation, we will be joining thousands of others across the nation for a Break Free action in Washington DC on May 15th.

Scientists predict that we must keep at least 80 percent of fossil fuels in the ground if we are going to prevent the dangerous increases in global temperature.  In other words, we must take swift actions to transition to clean economy and reduce global emissions.  If not, the next century would be, as the director of Climate Central, Ben Strauss put it," the century of hell.  There would really be an unthinkable level of sea rise. It would erase many major cities and some nations from the map … That century would become the century of exodus from the coast.” 

We are already seeing the devastating impacts of climate change along Gulf Coast and these areas will continue to experience more significant flooding and sea level rise despite whether or not we stop our dependence on fossil fuels today.

If we do nothing, sea levels are predicted to rise by at least 6 feet by 2100.  This means that high tides will bring Katrina like flooding to many areas along the coast (USGC map).  Though many of us will not be here to see the full scale of destruction our continued reliance on fossil fuels will have on the human race, our grandchildren and great grandchildren absolutely will. We cannot wait decades to stop this crisis because there will come a point when we will have put too much carbon and other global warming gases in the air to reverse it.  We are quickly approaching that point.  The time to act is now!

You can join the campaign to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground. 

1) Speak out against new offshore drilling leases at the upcoming BOEM hearing.

The Obama administration recently released its proposed 5 year offshore drilling plan for 2017 - 2022 - and it spells disaster for the Gulf and for the climate. The plan tentatively schedules ten more lease sales over the next five years that would offer 70 million acres containing an estimated 9.5 billion barrels of oil equivalent, condemning the Gulf as a sacrifice zone for fossil fuel industry for decades.

We still have a chance to remove all new leases in the Gulf from the plan before it is finalized by sending President Obama a strong message: Gulf residents adamantly oppose any and all new offshore drilling leases and instead firmly call for a just transition for all of our communities. That’s why we’re holding rallies at public hearings across the Gulf over the next two weeks where we’ll call to keep offshore oil where it belongs: In the ground!

What: No New Leases rally at BOEM offshore oil-and-gas leasing public hearings

Thursday, May 19, 4:30 pm
Courtyard by Marriott, Gulfport Beachfront MS Hotel, 1600 East Beach Boulevard, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501

Click here for more info, other meeting locations, and to RSVP.

2) Show your support for the Gulf Delegation to Break Free DC and Global Break Free Actions by signing onto as a partner.  Click here to sign on. Learn more are

3) Attend upcoming Hands Across the Sand Event

On May 21st, 2016 we will join hands in silent solidarity to say NO to the use of filthy fuels on land and in our oceans. The event will be held on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Gulfport on May 21st at 11:00 am at Ken Combs Pier (at the fire pits near the intersection of Courthouse Road and Highway 90) For more information, contact Howard Page, or 228.233.4734

 4) Be a part of the organizing and stay informed upcoming actions and events.
Contact Jennifer Crosslin at or 228.365.1447.

5) Share the Break Free Actions taking place (courtesy of!  And stay tuned for Steps Coalition live tweets at the upcoming action May 15th at the DC Break Free Action.

Hundreds of people shut down the largest open-cast coal mine in the UK. Share this video.

Amazing photos from the Philippines.

In Australia 2,000 people shut down the shut down the world's largest coal port for a day. Kayakers blocked the harbour entrance while others blocked a critical rail crossing. video

In Sacramento residents from Kern County, California held a sit-in in front of the Governor's office urging an end to fracking. This was a smaller action, but so powerful. There's a beautiful video that was just released. 

There was the first action in Nigeria today - held at Oloibiri, the site of Nigeria’s first oil well. You can check out these great photos.

Check out this awesome video about the upcoming action in Vancouver. 

This is a general really good Break Free tweet to share.


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