Historic Call To End New Oil Drilling in the Gulf


On March 23rd, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, artists, musicians, advocates, activists, land owners, EJ/front line/fence line community members, fisher folk, water defenders, land protectors, frack-fighters and lovers of all kind will encircle the Louisiana Superdome with standing in solidarity with each other, while putting forward our liberation declaration for a Gulf region powered by solar and wind energy, and a call for an end to new Gulf oil drilling leases.  Our goal is to stop the the U.S. Department of Interior's 3.23 lease sale of 42 million acres of the Gulf waters to the oil and gas industry, present a document calling for the development of clean energy infrastructure and a just transistion of the Gulf region away from fossil fuels, an end to new oil drilling leases in the GOM, and an immediate hiring of at least 1,000 workers to repair the 27,000 abandoned and leaking oil wells in the Gulf region.   

After promising to "change the way we manage our oil and coal resources so that they better reflect the costs they impose on taxpayers and our planet” in the State of the Union, President Obama put new federal coal leases on hold. Will our President show the same climate leadership in the Gulf?

On March 23rd, the Department of the Interior will auction drilling leases to 43 million acres of federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Below the Gulf sits our planet’s 8th-largest source of potential carbon pollution. Should this auction proceed, we will remain on course for catastrophic climate impacts, endangering efforts to restore our priceless wetlands.

While the BP Disaster is the worst offshore accident in U.S. history, it is just one of thousands that have occurred since offshore drilling began in the 1930s. Spills, explosions, and worker injuries plague the industry, even as they move into deeper and more dangerous waters.

The industry is responsible for tragic wetland losses too, which threaten coastal communities across the Gulf. Louisiana alone loses over an acre of its storm-buffering wetlands every hour. This is an alarming rate, especially in a world of warming oceans and stronger storms.

Please support our vision for a Gulf region powered by solar and wind energy, and the immediate hiring of 1,000 workers to repair aging industry infrastructure and to restore the industry’s wetland destruction.

We will encircle the Dome in New Orleans on March 23rd as the federal drilling auction takes place within the Superdome. and call for an end to new drilling. In this action, we will stand united with the Keep it in the Ground movement and communities around the world working to defend beloved lands and waters from drilling, mining, fracking, refining, and all other abuses of extractive industries. 

View the Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/542487925910062/

Check out and RSVP to the event via the website: http://www.nonewleases.org/
AND DON’T FORGET: Text “SUPERDOME” to 88202 for updates and alerts on your cell phone.

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