Steps Coalition


Human Rights

Fairness is fundamental. We must insist that fairness guides how we rebuild our housing, our communities, our economy, our coast.

Current Works

Our Bridges of Faith (BOF) Coalition was formed in November 2017 by 20 religious leaders looking to use their leadership roles in their communities to promote racial healing. Through this program we will 1) Develop new and authentic relationships among religious leaders, 2) Create a team of religious healers using the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s model of Truth and Racial Healing Transformation (TRHT), and 3) Increase collaboration opportunities among religious leaders of different denominations
and ethnicities.


In 2012 Steps organized a five-day training program for youth raising awareness of the "school to prison" pipeline through skits and a community march to the juvenile detention center. Through this campaign, Steps also organized Expungement Clinics by partnering with pro-bono attorneys and other community organizations.