Steps Coalition


Preservation Of Historical Communities

Every community has the right to secure its cultural history, diversity, and quality of life. We must choose rebuilding solutions that promote diverse, family-friendly neighborhoods that reflect the fullness of our history and heritage.

Current Works

We successfully implemented a Water Quality Education and Leadership Development program serving 20 African-American students (5th – 8th grade). Turkey Creek EJ is Steps’ first program targeting youth, and it has been a growing experience for our organization. We are excited to continue to work to develop the next generation of Environmental Justice advocates, and we hope we can continue to diversify our youth leadership program in 2019. Students have learned about:

• The History of Turkey Creek, a historically black community

• The Clean Water Act and what it means for their community

• The benefits of healthy watersheds

• Point and non-point pollution sources

• Strategies for reducing pollution

• The best storm water management practices