The Call To End New Oil Drilling in the Gulf Continues

No_New_Leases.jpgTwo weeks ago hundreds of citizens from across the Gulf rallied in New Orleans to call for an end to new oil drilling in the Gulf.  It was the first time the people of the Gulf stood together in a united front to demand an end to the destruction and sacrifice zone our Gulf has become in the pursuit of money and oil.  The fight continues.  Next week the Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (Dept of Interior) is currently working on the next five year plan for auctioning oil leases in the Gulf.  The current five year plan includes auctioning off two-thirds of the entire Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas leases. 

The latest research tells us that if we are going to prevent climate chaos, we will need to keep 80% of coal, oil, and gas in the ground.  It is thus, imperative that we stop the sale of new oil and gas leases.  It is time we stand together once again to demand a just transition to clean energy!

The Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (Dept of Interior) is trying to auction off leases for literally TWO-THIRDS of the entire Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas operations. Millions and millions of mineral acres. They are doing it now, and they are making plans to do it over the next 5 years.

BOEM has scheduled a public meeting about their 2017-2022 plans on April 18, two days prior to the six year anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, in New Orleans.

Join us for a RALLY and PRESS CONFERENCE right before the PUBLIC MEETING -- at 2:o0 PM, Monday, April 18th -- or join us in talking with BOEM at the Double Tree Regency by Hilton Hotel New Orleans Airport about what they are doing and how they are analyzing potential environmental risks and impacts, during their 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM open public meeting (come at any time you can make it)


If you need a reminder for how bad the Deepwater Horizon disaster and cover up was for the common Gulf Coast resident,
watch this video:

We can't let the fossil fuel industry own the entire continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico and continue to treat it like a complete industrial sacrifice zone. They already operate 3,400 offshore rigs in the Gulf --- those rigs and the people on them must stay safe. We're talking about an industry that cuts corners with human lives -- an industry that currently is in financial crisis mode and owes workers $40 million in backwages:

Clearly these companies have better things to be spending their money on right now.

Tell the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Bureau of Land Management to offer #nonewleases & #KeepItInTheGround for a #justtransition to #climatejustice and a #neweconomy. JOIN US on the 18th!!

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