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Who We Are

The Steps Coalition  was formed in 2006 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Comprised of 20+ nonprofit organizations and community members, Steps convenes and provides space for the community to define and advocate for its priorities – to build capacity and leadership and provide a voice for the community – by facilitating communication, coordination, and collaboration among its members.

How We Work

Steps works with community organizations as part of a strategic, multi-state movement building process. Steps' role in this process is to:

  • Create space for the community to identify its priorities and convene

  • Mobilize and organize constituents and stakeholders around an issue of mutual importance

  • Develop leadership capacity by providing knowledge, skills, and access to powerbrokers

  • Build power at the grassroots level to give voice to the underserved

  • Support new leadership by empowering communities to advocate and act on their own behalf

  • Mobilize local leaders to advocate for broader community, institutional, or policy change

Our Priorities

As we enter a new decade and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the economic crisis of 2008/2009, and the BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill recede into our rear view, we believe it is time that we progress “From Advocacy to Investment” and implement on-the-ground resources and solutions in the following areas on the Mississippi Gulf Coast:


  1. Community Development that focuses on Affordable Housing, Economic Development, and Preservation of Historical Communities

  2. Climate & Environmental Justice centered around Climate Resilience, Sustainable Resource Development, and Environmental Stewardship

  3. Human Rights including Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and Racial Equity

"From Advocacy to Investment...


Our Mission

To build a democratic movement to create a healthy, just and equitable Mississippi Gulf Coast, by developing local leadership, supporting communities to advocate for their needs, and by facilitating communication, coordination, and collaboration among our membership.

...Mastering the New Decade"

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Our Vision

To ensure that local neighborhoods will be involved in decision-making processes that affect their lives and the future of their communities.  Non-profits, faith-based, civic organizations, and all people who share Steps’ vision working together for a healthy, just and equitable Mississippi Gulf Coast.

If the challenges of racial equity and injustice

keep you up at night...

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