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East Biloxi Residents Rebuilding East Biloxi Together


On March 17th at the Biloxi Visitors Center, we opened our minds and our doors to the public and invited the residents of East Biloxi to attend our first Community Action Meeting. At this meeting, we invited residents to learn about our collective vision and framework for redevelopment, share their feedback, and provide their own goals and ideas for the change they would like to see reflected in the community.

During the Charrette, our leadership trainees manned different stations to help lead the discussion and provide further assistance to residents. Some examples of improvements residents and leaders stated they would like to see included increased areas of accessible mass transportation and additional bus stops, and increased access to affordable healthcare. We observed requests for increased affordable housing which is one of Steps’ top priorities. Other examples included better access to healthier, fresh foods, a variety of cultural and artistic resources, and diverse language resources. Together we have taken into consideration all the feedback and ideas that were provided and used them to mold and guide future planning that will reflect the needs and wants of the community.


Testimony from East Biloxi Residents

"I learned there are so many options to develop a better community and be a part of it. We need to spread the word, so more people attend the meetings."
"The passion to grow East Biloxi is outstanding."

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