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50 Reasons Why: 50 ways U.S. Census Data is Used and Why You Should Care: Reasons 21-25

The data gathered from the U.S. census is used for so much more than just counting the number of individuals in the United States. In this blog series we will be exploring 50 ways U.S. Census data is used and why you should care. Believe it or not, the results of the 2020 U.S. Census are going to affect nearly every part of your day to day life. Here's how:

For this blog post we will be focusing on the ways U.S. census data is used in the public service realm. Here are ways 21-25 that data from the U.S. census is used and how it affects public service in your area:

21. Forecasting Future Transportation Needs for All Segments of the Population: Data from the U.S. Census can be used to predict what future transportation needs will arise for all parts of the population. These needs can include public transportation routes, highways, freeways, subways, etc., but also other needs such as bike lanes and sidewalks. The ability to accurately predict these needs can help ensure that they are fully met.

22. Planning for Public Transportation Services: Once U.S. Census data is used to predict future transportation needs, the predictions can then be used to plan for public transportation services. These services can include creating and maintaining bus routes, building new rail ways, and maybe even autonomous electric transportation vessels in the not so distant future.

23. Designing Public Safety Strategies: Using U.S. Census data, officials can understand the composition of their district and design individual public safety strategies specific to their area. We have recently seen this in use with the response to Covid-19. Officials have used U.S. Census data to create responses tailored to their jurisdictions such as mask mandates and lock downs.

24. Drawing School District Boundaries: Through data from the U.S. Census, officials are able to see how populations are dispersed in their area. From this information they can decide which school district will best be able to serve each area in terms of population size and distance. This enables them to draw school district boundaries.

25. Planning for School Projects: Once school district boundaries are drawn, officials can then use U.S. Census data to analyze population growth. By staying on top of population shift and growth, officials can plan for school projects, such as renovations and new school construction as needed.

The U.S. Census is fundamental to the public service sector. It allows for predicting future transportation needs and planning for public transportation services. It is used to create public safety strategies. U.S. Census data is used for drawing school district boundaries and to plan school projects. The U.S. Census affects the daily life of both you and your children. Take part in the 2020 U.S. Census today and help shape your world.

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